About Bruce and Betty Urie, owners of Stillmeadow Gardens in Craftsbury Vermont

About Stillmeadow Gardens

The idea for Stillmeadow Gardens hatched in 1987 as a way for Betty to have a place for her green thumb to play in the dirt while the snow was still on the ground.  We have seen many iterations of greenhouses to arrive at where we are today.  It was a great place for the kids to grow up and learn a little about growing. We started as a small farm stand type operation selling a small amount of flowers, baskets and veggies and have progressed to the point of having three greenhouses and growing many things.  We have three greenhouses (2 – 30 x 72 foot and 1 – 30 by 96 foot ) and each have a purpose.  We always start in the largest house and it is here where all the thousands of seedling plugs and seeds are started and potted.  Baskets are created from many started plugs and four-inch pots and six-pack are filled and grown from March to June.

Our personnel include Betty, the basket creator and tender of all plants, Judy, Betty’s sister, who sets records for the number of seedlings she can pot in a day as well as tending plants on days we cannot be home, and Bruce who waters occasionally but generally keeps all mechanical things operating and makes sure the heat is working for the cold winter nights when we first start heating. It is suppose to be a part time job to supplement the full and part time jobs we all hold down but we find the greenhouse becomes a second home for a few months.

We grow around 700 to 800 baskets each year, two thousand geraniums, a couple thousand plus tomatoes in 4-inch pots (usually around 40 varieties), plus many four inch pots and six-packs of annuals.  We do have an outdoor display of our perennials that are mostly potted in four-inch pots or gallons pots.  Perennials include many varieties from lilies to double buttercups to Echinacea of several colors.

The business has been a family business since it started and the farm has been in the Urie family for six generations.  A visit to the greenhouse can include a stop by the large Cochin hens grazing in the grass or a chance to see a new calf born to our beef herd.  Usually there are a cat or two to greet you in the greenhouse.  We really enjoy seeing folks each year and would encourage you to pay us a visit here in the northeast corner of Craftsbury.  Our season always starts on the first of May and we tend to be open most of the time since we live across from the greenhouse.