Vegetables and herbs available at Stillmeadow Gardens greenhouses in Craftsbury Vermont

Stillmeadow Gardens Vegetables

Below is a partial list of some of the vegetables and herbs  we grow at Stillmeadow Gardens:

  • Basil-genovese emily & nufar
  • Broccoli-diplomat, gypsy
  • Brussel Sprouts-long island greeen
  • Cabbage-lennox, red acre & stonehead
  • Celery-giant pascal
  • Chives-broadleaf
  • Dill-fernleaf
  • Eggplant-classic & hansel
  • Flowering Kale-chidori red & glamour red
  • Kale-red russian
  • Onion-candy
  • Parsley-italian & moss curled
  • Peppers-carmen, cayenne long thin, golden California wonde, habanero, hot portugal, jalepeno la bomba, lady bell, mama mia giallo, new ace hybrid, orange blaze, red beauty
  • Tomatoes-balls beefstead, bettery boy, better bush, brandywine red, burpee big boy, celebrity, defiant, early girl, jet star, la roma III, mountain merit, rapunzel, sun sugar, super sweet 100, tumbling tom red